Dating tintype photography

In our next post about dating your old family photographs, colin harding shows you how to identify a ferrotype, more commonly known as a tintype the photographic formats we’ve examined so far in this series showing you how to date your old family photographs are daguerreotypes and collodion positives. I have written a free comprehensive guide to dating very early photographs “fixed in time” is a guide to dating daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes by their mats and cases, for historians, genealogists, collectors and antique dealers.

The london's museum's helpful section on dating clothes and photographs uses items from the v&a's collection to illustrate the dominant trends of the decades between 1840 and 1960, and is helpful.

First, if you want to see more details in these images simply click the image and it will go to a page where the image is its native size second, pc and macs in their various browsers usually have the ability to enlarge any part of the viewing area.

Dating tintype photographs a photograph for the masses the tintype photograph saw more uses and captured a wider variety of settings and subjects than any other photographic type. Dating vintage photographs old family photographs hold lots of clues for genealogy researchersuse tintype photos value these tips to help date photographs dating vintage photographs and unlock what do the numbers on the back of old photos mean the stories they tell. The tintype camera was a recording machine rather than a picture of vanity like today's camera in 1865, soldiers didn't have a birth certificate, and death certificates were needed for burial tintype photos was a needed for recorded-existence, in place of birth and death certificates.

This photo of the king brothers is a tintype probably taken circa 1870 you may not think to look on the internet for help in dating old photographs, but actually it's the best place to go a variety of websites offer tips and tools, and they have the great advantage of being able to provide visual aids. Dating clues include, advertising and promo labels of the galleries in which they were made, tax revenue stamps, mount styles and mounting embellishments 1860-1940 other interesting facts: tintypes made photography available to everyone tiny portraits called gems were about ten cents per dozen the average price of tintypes, from the.

A tintype, also known as a melainotype or ferrotype, is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion tintypes enjoyed their widest use during the 1860s and 1870s, but lesser use of the medium persisted into the early 20th.

When i first started researching this photograph, i had a hunch that the woman was my second-great-grandmother, and that the children were my great-grandmother and her older brother.

Dating tintype photography
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